lunes, 18 de enero de 2010

The Legion of Hetheria

Choices... (2005)
genero: Symphonic Gothic Metal
pais: DF
descarga: choices (2005)
1.Listen And Remember (Intro)
2.Forgotten Years
3.Invisible Mask
4.The Ancient Ones
5.Wrath is Unleashed
7.Der Hulle Rache (Mozart tribute)
8.Spiritual Deceive
9.Eyes On Me
10.World Of Fantasy
11.A Red Sun Rises
descarga: the gate (2003)
1. The Gate
2. Intro
3. A False Reality
4. Cold Whispers
5. Twilight
6. Faith
7. The Queen
8. Lake Of Pain
9. The Hunted
10. Hope
11. Forever Forgotten

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